Nihon Kobudo

Nihon Kobudo - 日本古武道, translates to "Japanese traditional martial arts." These martial arts were taught within each clan, in ancient schools known as koryu, which were founded before 1868, the beginning of the Meiji Era when Japan started its Westernization and modernization.

In several hundred schools, samurai were taught various methods of unarmed combat such as Jujutsu, or armed combat such as Kenjutsu (sword techniques), Sojutsu (spear techniques), or Kyujutsu (bow techniques), among many others. It is after 1868 that the so-called Gendai Budo - 現代武道, "modern martial arts," emerged. Martial arts like Kendo, Aikido, Judo, Karatedo, etc., were created in the early 20th century based on the older ones.

The techniques of these ancient schools have transformed over more than 200 years, depending on the school, orientation, methodology, and the instructor's training. There is no single way to perform, name, or explain the same technique, but rather different interpretations based on these factors.

In Nihon Kobudo, various techniques with and without weapons are taught with a functional orientation, Western training methodology, and comprehensive biomechanics. It incorporates different Japanese sword techniques such as Katana, Kenjutsu, and Iaijutsu, techniques with two swords (Nito jutsu), short sword techniques (kodachi), long staff techniques (Bojutsu), medium staff techniques (Jojutsu), short staff techniques (Tanbojutsu), etc.

Seibukan Departament of Nihon Kobudo

Seibukan Budo [SBIF] recognizes the practice of different traditional Japanese martial arts that were taught in traditional schools, known as koryu. By honoring these practices dating back to before 1868, the rich history and original techniques that formed the foundation of modern martial arts are preserved.

This recognition also fosters understanding and appreciation for diverse traditions and styles within Nihon Kobudo, thereby contributing to diversity and ongoing enrichment in the realm of Japanese martial arts.

These schools, koryu, and martial arts, bujutsu, are: