About the Seibukan Budo [SBIF]

Seibukan Budo [SBIF] is an international organization for training, teaching, and certification in martial arts dedicated to the promotion and preservation of traditional Japanese Budo and Bujutsu worldwide.

The school of traditional Japanese martial arts, Seibukan, was established in 1987. (1)

The foundation of the Seibukan martial arts school - Seibukan Budo 正武館武道 -, by Ricardo Sanz Orús (Zaragoza, 1968) has its roots in his deep commitment to preserving and disseminating the authentic traditions of traditional Japanese martial arts. Motivated by his passion for the study and teaching of these disciplines, master Ricardo Sanz set out to establish a space where practitioners could learn not only the technical combat skills but also the fundamental aspects of the philosophy underlying these Japanese learning practices, Budo. Seibukan Budo stands as a bastion aiming to transmit not only technical mastery but also the inherent values of traditional Japanese martial arts to all members and students of this school.

Currently, its international division operates as the International Seibukan Budo Federation [SBIF], comprised of independent national organizations that embrace and develop the objectives of the Seibukan martial arts school. This international organization serves as a global entity of martial arts club´s dedicated to the training, instruction, and certification of martial arts, with a primary focus on promoting and preserving the traditions of Budo and Bujutsu from various Japanese masters.

Based in Neuchâtel, Switzerland, SBIF has extended its reach to 14 countries, attracting students from 25 nations to partake in our courses. The traditional martial arts endorsed by SBIF hold recognition in various organizations within each country, including some esteemed martial arts schools in the Kyushu  and Okinawa islands, Japan. Each of these schools maintains its unique teaching regulations, approval protocols, and testing procedures.

SBIF encompasses several international martial arts sections including Aikido, Iaido, Jodo, Karatedo (Karatejutsu, Kempojutsu), Jujutsu (Goshinjutsu, Taijutsu, Taihojutsu) and Kobudo (classical armed and unarmed martial arts schools of Aikijujutsu, Iaijutsu, Jojutsu, Jujutsu, Kenjutsu and Tanbojutsu). Enthusiasts who align with the goals of the international martial arts federation SBIF are encouraged to seek membership through the Representative/Branch in their respective countries.


Training, teaching, and certification in traditional Japanese martial arts. A school for initiation and sports improvement where we welcome all individuals who want to learn and teach traditional Japanese martial arts regardless of race, gender, religion, nationality, or physical disability.


Dissemination, study, and promotion of traditional Japanese martial arts with the purpose of developing and strengthening the practitioner's body and mind through practice in recreational, social, and leisure settings.


Seibukan Budo - 正武館武道: The place where the just warrior learns martial arts.


  1. · Deeply respect divinity and your ancestors.
  2. · Show respect to the master and foster frienship with your fellow classmates.
  3. · Prioritize courtesy, respect, loyalty and honor.
  4. · Dedicate yourself wholeheartedly to the martial arts and at with integrity.
  5. · Strive to be a simple and physically fit individual.

(1) Formerly known as Kodenkan Budo until 2018, in that year, it changed its name to Seibukan Budo.

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