Individual membership

Seibukan Budo [SBIF] is composed of individuals who want to learn traditional martial arts from Japan and represent its goals in their city and country. Those who wish to become members of this organization should seek a representative or instructor in their country or city, attend training courses at its headquarters in Switzerland, or sponsor a certified instructor to conduct a training course at their center (Dojo – Club).

The membership is open to all interested individuals (a martial arts CV, photograph, copy of martial arts certifications, and a registration form are required in advance). However, if deemed necessary, homologation, validation, grade advancement, Japanese certification, or a teaching certification course will not be granted without first conducting a technical evaluation of the candidate.

The martial arts are taught by "Accredited International Instructors" in different "Accredited International Dojo-Club" and are recognized by various traditional Japanese martial arts schools, each with its own teaching regulations, homologation/validation protocols, and examinations.

Membership fees collected will be allocated towards the administration of the school and the organization of events listed on the annual calendar, such as demonstrations and seminars. Any surplus funds may be utilized to support visits by headquarters instructors to member dojos and member countries, or to subsidize visits by members seeking training or participating in events organized or endorsed by Seibukan Budo [SBIF].

Practitioners of the following Japanese martial arts may apply for membership:

- Karatedo, Karatejutsu, Kenpo: Practitioners of traditional "empty hand" schools from Okinawa and Japan.

- Jujutsu, Taijutsu, Taihojutsu, Goshindo, Goshinjutsu: Practitioners of Japanese/non-Japanese self-defense schools.

- Aikido: Practitioners of schools descended from Morihei Ueshiba, including Aikikai, Yoshinkan, Yoseikan, and Shodokan.

- Iaido: Practitioners of schools specialized in sword cutting techniques.

- Jodo: Practitioners with the wooden staff, jo.

- Kobudo: Practitioners of classical Japanese schools of Aikijujutsu, Battojutsu, Kenjutsu, Iaijutsu, Jojutsu, Jujutsu, Taijutsu, etc.

PRICES: The annual membership fee is 50€ for the first year and 25€ for subsequent years.

MEDICAL ASSISTANCE INSURANCE: Each country has its own regulations regarding the processing of medical-sports insurance, so individuals should contact the representative - Branch Director SBIF in their country for information on the same.

1. Membership in Seibukan Budo [SBIF] is open to all interested individuals.

2. Membership can be:
a) INDIVIDUAL (without validation/homologation):
This membership is open to all those interested in Japanese martial arts and wish to join SBIF. Validation/equivalency of certifications is not required to become a member of SBIF.
b) INDIVIDUAL (with validation/homologation):
This membership is open to all those interested in traditional Japanese martial arts, who wish to join SBIF, and want to validate their martial arts certification. In the event it is deemed necessary, validation, equivalency, promotion advancement, Japanese certification, or instructor training course will not be granted without first conducting a technical evaluation of the candidate. 3. Membership applications must be endorsed and signed by the Representative - Branch Director of Seibukan Budo [SBIF] in their country. 4. The process to become a member of SBIF is simple and easy to complete. Please read the instructions and complete the following process.
1. Download of mail the Membership Application Form (MAF) and complete each required section. A photo must be included in the form.
2. Email the completed application form in .pdf format to the Representative - Branch Director of Seibukan Budo [SBIF] in your country. Include in the email the relevant and/or requested documents. IMPORTANT: - Each submitted - MAF application must be in the following .pdf format: firstname_lastname_MAF (e.g., Miyamoto_Musashi_MAF.pdf). - Send a copy of the certification - CER you want to validate and any other relevant and/or requested document in the following .pdf format: name_lastname_certification.pdf (e.g., Miyamoto_Musashi_5thdan_Aikido_CER.pdf). - Incomplete MAF applications / certifications will not be reviewed, accepted, or returned to the applicant.

- The validation/equivalency of certifications is carried out according to the regulations outlined in the "REQUIREMENTS FOR THE HOMOLOGATION OR VALIDATION OF MARTIAL ARTS CERTIFICATIONS IN SEIBUKAN BUDO [SBIF]". Ask us.

Want to know who the representative in your country is? Contact us.

Some of your questions can be answered in the following FAQ link