Welcome to Seibukan !

Welcome to Seibukan!

Dear martial arts enthusiast, passionate warrior on the path of Bushido, Budo master, and seeker of excellence in the practice and teaching of martial arts, it is an honor and privilege to extend the warmest welcome to Seibukan Martial Arts School, Seibukan Budo, and the International Division, Seibukan Budo Internacional or International Seibukan Budo Federation [SBIF].

In the vast world of martial arts, we take pride in being more than just a school and international federation. Within this vibrant and dynamic space, you will discover an organization and school with roots dating back to 1987. It is a place where we share a deep respect for the ancient martial traditions of Japan and a firm belief in the constant evolution of spirit and technique through dedicated practice.

In Seibukan, unity in diversity is embraced, where each individual, with their unique teaching experiences and technical backgrounds, contributes to the rich tapestry of our federation.

Distinguishing ourselves not by quantity but by the quality of our members, we focus on teaching practical and effective technical skills. We honor the fundamental values that martial arts instill: compassion, courage, courtesy, honesty, honor, justice, and loyalty. Upholding the moral principles of the Seibukan school: respect the tradition of Budo, your teacher, and family, train with a positive spirit, and embrace simplicity.

These values not only define our practice on the mat but also guide our daily lives, shaping us into stronger, more balanced, and compassionate individuals.

By joining Seibukan Budo [SBIF], you become part of a centennial story that spans generations. We invite you to explore the numerous opportunities offered by our federation, from national seminars to events in Japan with respected masters that strengthen the bonds of connection among all members.

Our practice is demanding and rooted in tradition, following the legacy of Japanese masters who preceded us. Yet, it is also enriching and held to the highest standards of Western teaching and methodology, executed with professionalism.

Whether you are initiating yourself into the practice of martial arts, perfecting your technique, cultivating your mind and spirit, or joining a passionate community, Seibukan offers the support and guidance to achieve your goals and aspirations. Together, we will build a path based on the practice of traditional Japanese martial arts.

Join us, become an active member of the federation, and discover a world of possibilities both on and off the mat.

Welcome to Seibukan Budo [SBIF], where the path to excellence is achieved through training, friendship, and mutual prosperity!

Ricardo Sanz Orús

International Board of Directors Chair of Seibukan Budo

Shihan. Hanshi, 8th dan, Nihon Jujutsu.