Accredited International Instructor & Dojo-Club

If you teach at a dojo or club in your city, you can obtain, along with your membership, recognition as an "Accredited International Instructor" in the categories of Instructor, Renshi, Kyoshi, Shihan, and Hanshi and "Accredited International Dojo - Club"

Teaching certificates "Accredited International Instructor" are granted to individuals qualified to teach in their country, acknowledging their experience as martial arts instructors. Accredited SBIF Instructors teach professionally, recognizing their competence in teaching and validating their ability to convey techniques from traditional Japanese martial arts and the principles that underpin them.

Their ongoing training provides them with new levels of understanding, enhances their technical skills, improves their teaching abilities, and ultimately, earns them greater recognition within their community and martial arts school in their city.

"Accredited International Dojo - Club" refer to those club - dojo that are officially registered with Seibukan Budo [SBIF] and adhere to the established testing program of the Seibukan Budo [SBIF].

The registration as an accredited SBIF dojo or club is annual and free. Certification may be granted to dojos or clubs with a minimum of 5 practitioners affiliated with SBIF.

Some of your questions can be answered in the following FAQ link

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