Ricardo Sanz Orús, Shihan. Hanshi, 8th dan, of Nihon Jujutsu

Ricardo Sanz Orús (Zaragoza - SPAIN, 1968). Exercise Physiologist (Ph.D.).
8th dan, Nihon Jujutsu - Taijutsu
7th dan, Yoseikan Aiki
7th dan, Nihon Kobudo

International Board of Directors Chair of Seibukan Budo [SBIF] 
and Technical Director of Nihon Jujutsu - Taijutsu.

☑ Founder in 1987 of the martial arts school, Seibukan Budo.
☑ Professional experience of over 35 years as a teacher (full / part time). 

Since 1980, he began training in Karatedo, Aikido, Iaido, and Jujutsu. In 1985, he passed the black belt exams for Aikido and Iaido in the United States; in 1986, he earned the 1st dan in Judo-Jujutsu recognized by the Kodenkan Budo Association (USA); in 1988, he achieved the 1st dan in Goju ryu Karatedo recognized by the Seibukan of Japan, whose president was master Suzuki Masafumi; in 1993, he attained the 1st dan in Taijutsu and 1st dan in Nihon Jujutsu from the International Federation of Taijutsu Self Defense and D.A. (France) and Seibukan of Japan, with master Roland Hernaez; in 1995, in France, he earned the 1st dan in Aikijutsu from the French Federation of Martial Arts Schools, with master Minoru Mochizuki as the honorary president and master Hiroo Mochizuki as the Aikido section director and Seibukan of Japan.

Specializing in Jujutsu, Ricardo Sanz Orús, currently holds the titles of master, 8th dan in Nihon Jujutsu – Taijutsu, 7th dan in Yoseikan Aiki (Aikido-jujutsu Yoseikan) and 7th dan in Nihon Kobudo – grades and teaching diplomas awarded by the Spanish Wrestling Federation (official federations recognized by the Higher Sports Council - Government of Spain). 

He holds various non-official Japanese teaching and mastery certifications from the Zen Nihon Sogo Budo Renmei - Seibukan (Japan) and Nippon Kobudokai (Japan): Hanshi from Nihon Jujutsu; Kyoshi of Nihon Kobudo; Renshi of Aikibudo and Iaido; Shihan / Menkyo in different traditional Japanese schools, Koryu.

He has traveled to Japan about twenty times, receiving certifications from the All Japan Budo Federation and Seibukan (Japan) and masters Masafumi Suzuki, Yasuo Kawano, Tanaka Kiyoyuki, and Masanori Shinkado; the International Federation of Nihon Taijutsu / Jujutsu and D.A. (France) and master Roland Hernaez; the Yoseikan World Federation and masters Minoru Mochizuki and Hiroo Mochizuki; the Okinawa Goju ryu Karatedo Federation of Japan and master Eiichi Miyazato and various traditional schools such as Muso Jikiden Eishin ryu, Hyoho Niten Ichi ryu, Daito ryu, etc. with masters Hyori Tanimura, Iwata Norikatsu, Kyoshi Yoshimotchi, among others.

With over 30 years of experience as an educator (Infant, Primary, and Secondary Education), recreational-sporting (adults), and functional (Army, Police, and Private Security), he has conducted 302 courses, around twenty international courses for students from 25 countries, taught 69 different subjects to over 3000 students, and certified over a hundred black belts ranging from 1st to 7th dan, as well as 21 instructors/trainers. Since 2006, he has exclusively provided functional training.

Among the awards and recognitions he has received, noteworthy are the 1996 and 2002 Diplomas of Honor from the International Federation of Nihon Taijutsu / Jujutsu; in 1997, the Tribute Plaque from the Royal Spanish Judo and D.A. Federation for the 20th Anniversary of Nihon Taijutsu in Spain; in 2010, Official Fuku Shidoin, director in Spain of the Aikido / Aikijutsu / Aikibudo Department (Seibukan of Japan - All Japan Budo Federation); in 2012, the Tribute Plaque from the Kodenkan Budo school for the 25th anniversary as a martial arts instructor; in 2013, the Silver Medal of Nihon Aikido for Sporting Merit from the Spanish Association of Aikido Yoseikan; Kaicho, President-Founder of Kodenkan Budo, a member entity of the All Japan Budo Federation; and in 2014, the Gold Medal of Nihon Taijutsu for Sporting Merit from the Spanish Association of Nihon Taijutsu.

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